Weight Loss Program

Move from sensationalized to super-effective with the Big Ass to Badass Weight Loss regimen from Taylor Wellness.

From Big Ass to Badass


Beneath all of the extra weight, your body is hiding the real, radiant, powerful you.  

There’s the “you” that you see in the mirror. Overweight, critical of your body.  A slave to your cravings and out-of-control eating impulses.

And then there’s the you that KNOWS there is more to you than this. You used to be fun. You used to have energy to do what you wanted. And deep down you know it MUST be possible to feel good about yourself, your body, and your life.

You’ve done countless diets, each one locking you into more and more obsession and control over your food intake, leaving you feeling even more judgmental when you “lose control” and eat a whole pizza in one sitting.

How can you get your real self back – and see it reflected in the mirror; a body you feel fantastic about?

How will you ever get on top of your “weight” issue when you have completely lost confidence in your willpower and your ability to make real change?

It’s time for BIG ASS TO BAD ASS. A revolutionary new approach that helps you shed excess pounds – not by becoming more controlling, but by discovering how to bring yourself back to life by doing more of what you love, listening to your body, and enjoying food again.

The days of disempowering diets are over. Your badass self is back.

How it Works

This is not a diet. It’s a lifestyle change. After a thorough assessment of your personal health history, nutritional status, weight loss goals and lifestyle factors, we will provide you with a highly personalized nutrition and lifestyle plan optimized to help you reach your goals.  In addition, you will receive once or twice weekly B12/MIC injections which help aid the metabolism of the fat from your liver as you lose weight, plus help boost your energy during the process.  There is weekly support though food log reviews and weigh ins as well as weekly homework that seeks to address the underlying roadblocks to your weight loss success.  There will be a focus on not just changing your “diet” but also changing your mindset which is vital for long term success.  We offer support all along the way with a private Facebook group page where you can interact with us and with other clients in the program.  At the end of the 12 weeks we assess where you are and offer continued progress options or can assist you in developing a long term maintenance lifestyle plan depending on your goals.   

What you Get

Our customized 12 week program includes:

  • Initial consult/intake appointment
  • 3 follow up appointments 
  • Basic screening health labs
  • Extensive nutritional status lab testing
  • 2 InBody bio-impedance body composition scans
  • Personalized nutrition plan, including guidebook and recipe ideas
  • Personalized lifestyle plan in areas such as stress reduction exercise, sleep, etc.
  • Twice weekly B12/MIC injections
  • Weekly food log review
  • Weekly weigh ins
  • Binder for journaling and education materials 
  • Online support through our Facebook group page, includes education, support from our staff
  • Access to our staff with questions via client portal messaging
  • Free participation in any group activities that may arise during your time in the program, i.e. vision board workshop
  • 20% discount on any additional follow up visits
  • 10% discount on any supplements that may be recommended as part of your plan 


FREE BONUS! Get (1) 60 minute consultation with a health coach


Please note, although we do not accept insurance, you may be able to use Health Savings Account (HSA) funds to pay for a portion or all of this program. 

DISCLAIMER: in order to optimize your individual plan, we may recommend additional labs or supplements which are not included in the price of the package. However you are not obligated to purchase all or any of these additional recommended services.

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