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Interested in feeling better, looking better, and living better? You’re in good company. We believe that wellness is a journey. And, whether you are feeling poorly and want to regain some health or are generally “healthy” but simply want to feel even better and have more energy, we are dedicated to helping you. Often times, health and wellness is compartmentalized. In other words, a person is “treated” on a purely physical or mental plane without examining how the dots connect toward total wellness. Our unique approach assesses and treats each client as the whole person they are; including physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social, and even the environmental needs as they pertain to overall wellness.

Taylor Wellness wants to partner with you to assess where you are along the spectrum, address any deficiencies, and ultimately empower you to take control and be an active participant in your health, happiness, and life.

We currently offer a limited number of general wellness assessments and weight loss programs as well as B12, Vitamin D, Zinc and MIC injections as well as an IV Vitamin C boost.  We also through a network of partners have many other services that may assist you in becoming well. Call our office today to start your wellness journey!

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