Sharon Wilborn, RN

Ms. Wilborn’s nursing career has span more than 40 years. Her extensive nursing experience has provided her the opportunities to care for patients in numerous clinical settings from large teaching hospitals to a rural communities with small hospitals. She is a Kansan, early in her career she chose to relocate to the northwest where she held positions in occupational nursing, alcohol and drug treatment, pain management and private energy practice. Upon returning to the Midwest, she worked in surgical services, private practice of energy therapy, hospice and elder care. She brings her in-depth knowledge, clinical skills and experience to Taylor Wellness Institute to assist clients who are seeking improved health and well-being.

As she looks back, each position was part of a mosaic in seeking a deeper knowing and understanding on how to provide better help and care of others. She learned health and well-being were more than the absence of illness. She recognized many of the issues that impact patients’ health and well-being are hidden beneath the surface of their consciousness and how can these unconscious issues be brought to the surface and integrated, to help patients make better choices about their health and well-being.  She sought answers beyond those provided by her training and work experience. Her study of the esoteric arts of mysticism, ancient arts of healing, meditation, eastern religions, spirituality and energy work, broaden her understanding. This quote is the summation of her studies, to be whole, is her belief that all can seek a life well lived.

“As humans we are far more capable of taking responsibility for creating our lives, our health and wellbeing than we believe”.

Energy Therapy

My private practice of the healing arts is deeply rewarding work. It offers help to find and connect to your internal guidance and understand how emotional, mental, physical imbalances and spiritual energy impact your health and wellbeing. It can be life giving to those who seek changes to improve their wellbeing.

My personal belief is we are here to find our joy, peace, creativity and love of self. To live life to the fullness. Wellbeing is not the absent of health and unhappiness. It is a state of being comfortable with ourselves, healthy, prosperous and content. Aligning our physical, emotional, mental and spirituality creates improved health and wellbeing.

Life is a gift, we honor that life by being able to live a life well lived. I believe I have seen most of the human conditions, know deep within my heart we all are able to heal what causes us to not believe the greatest of who we are.

Energy sessions may be booked on the Taylor Wellness Institute Website

Energy Sessions are offered at the office

You will lie fully clothed on a massage table, in a serene healing environment.

Quantum physics describes our energy. Our DNA can be changed by changing our beliefs. The 50 million cells of our bodies can be influenced by how we think and how we interact with on inner self. The structure of water is changed as classical music is played. Our bodies change as we give up negative thought to focus on something that allows us feel pleasure. Life is not a test, it is about experiencing ourselves as human with physical, mental, emotional and spiritual components.