Dr. Kimberly Taylor

After a lifetime of Yo-Yo dieting and living the typical western hurried and stressed out lifestyle, Dr. Taylor found herself morbidly obese, weighing as much as 360 pounds and well on her way to diabetes, hypertension and chronic pain. Several years ago, after deciding that she wanted something better for her life, she set out on a journey of self discovery and healing. Through that process she has learned from personal experience that the biggest key to sustainable change is to address not only the body but also the mind and spirit. Dr. Taylor lost over 100 pounds and at the same time shed much more than weight. She also shed the sense of shame and self-judgment patterns that were keeping her stuck, developing a passion for a holistic approach to health and wellness along the way. She discovered functional medicine and is now pursuing certification by the Institute for Functional Medicine and also has a special interest in Mind-Body Medicine.

After reading over half a million scans as a radiologist, Dr Taylor wanted to turn that passion and expertise in human wellbeing into a clinic where patients could be seen not just as anonymous scans on a screen but as the whole complex system that they are. Quitting her job as a full time hospital radiologist, she is now pursuing this passion with Taylor Wellness Institute – a place where patients can come and be seen as the unique person they are. She is so excited to share her experience and knowledge with others to promote happy, healthy patients and a happy healthy community.

Taking her own advice, Dr. Taylor spends her spare time in activities she enjoys including triathlon, music, hiking and traveling. She recently competed in Ironman Arizona in 2019. She lives in Wichita with her small dog, surrounded by a great tribe of friends.